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 Mundi provides a complete ready to deploy enterprise web solution.

 Mundi enhances the GE Network Viewer functionality.


Pathfinder is a PNI based product that finds fibre paths between two structures in a fibre network.


The GODV product assists in Optimal Deprival Value (ODV) valuations.


GTrace provides and enhanced tracing using real world objects not nodes and provides results in a full node to node tree view.


GFeeder provides full feeder administration for electricity utilities based on the nominal switch status.


GField assists in generating overhead network from field attributes together with the associated poles from GPS positions.

2016 GE Grid Solutions European Users Group Conference - Cannes, France

GEIS will be exhibiting at the 2016 GE Grid Solutions European Users Group in Cannes France.

Come along to demonstration area to see

  • Mundi - an enhanced Network Viewer client without limits - including Electric Office and PNI Support.
  • Pathfinder - finds fibre paths between two structures in a fibre network.

You will also be able to run the Mundi Electric Office Demonstration system in your own device during the conference.


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The GEIS team believes technology only reaches its full potential when it is driven by an intuitive understanding of the business it serves. The senior consultants at GEIS share over 40 years experience consulting. The GEIS team has a proven track record of technical excellence.

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GEIS’ development staff are a focused team of professionals dedicated to ensuring application development retains its functional richness and technical excellence. How is this achieved? All developers are trained with GEIS' design model - an object orientated, generic, self-manageable model.

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GEIS provide an excellent level of service and support, allowing clients to achieve enterprise integrated solutions with reduced concerns. What does this mean? Client's can rest assure that delivery is the best in the industry, delivery on time and within budget.......... guaranteed. Most of all, NO SURPRISES! This is our promise to you.

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