Feature Handling

Mundi provides a fully-functioning Explorer, with support for export to a wide range of formats and the ability for users to assemble their own collection of records which may then be exported, used as the input to a Thematics operation or sent to a 3rd party system.



Complex Query

A full Complex Query tool is provided which supports fully nuanced queries for power users.



Measure Tool

A Measurer tool providing coordinate, segment length and angle information is available. Support is provided for display in multiple projections.



KML Handling

Mundi supports both the display of KML files via drag-and-drop, and export to KMZ including styling information.



 Enhanced Layer control

A sophisticated layer control system is provided which supports preset visibilities, grouping, mutual exclusion of layers, control by scale, and opacity. Layers may be interlinked and presented in a variety of styles as the underlying data dictates, including radio buttons and dropdowns.




User Interface control

A complete Interface Configuration system provides total control of the interface and behaviour is to the administrator – every aspect of the client is configurable; and control of individual items may be delegated to the user.



Batch Plotting

Facilities are provided to offload Plot generation to a Job Server. Mundi provides a plot tool which gives the user visibility into the plot queue and enables multiple plots to be batched up as a single job.





A sophisticated Thematics engine is provided which enables on-the-fly styling of the map data by an arbitrary combination of filters. Results from any operation (e.g. a trace) may be used as input.




Internals / Spatial Contexts

In Mundi, all aspects of the client work with all maps, geographic or non-geographic. This includes Sketching, Plotting, Tracing and Thematics.