Mundi provides a complete ready to deploy enterprise web solution.

 Mundi enhances the GE Network Viewer functionality.

Mundi greatly enhances the ability to deliver business solutions by completing and extending the tool set that is available to form the foundation for applications.

Mundi is highly configurable, enabling an administrator to turn features on and off without recompiling the client.

For example, the trace and query functionality can be turned off to simplify the client for end users.

 A demonstration video of Mundi can be viewed 



The Mundi demonstration featuring the Electric Office demonstration system is available to try within your browser or device.  No downloads are required.

Mundi Supports multiple platforms - product specific enhancements over and above the feature set above are provided for 

Mundi Electric Office

Mundi PNI

Mundi NRM

A Mundi brochure can be downloaded here.

Key features and advantages of Mundi include:

    • Improved client responsiveness
    • Interface and behaviour configuration
    • Full result set handling
    • Export to multiple formats
    • Improved Layer Control Support
    • Explorer support
    • Enhanced Object detail Support
    • Tracing - identical capability to the full seat
    • Thematics
    • Full support for spatial contexts (e.g. internals) across all aspects of the client
    • Version management and design browser support
    • Record update
    • Batch plotting via Job Server
    • Complex query
    • Measure tool
    • WFS support - ability to fetch records from any OGC service

Mundi supports all GE Smallworld GSS client end user features including Network Viewer and the deprecated SIAS products.

Mundi - Details - has comprehensive run down and videos of the major Mundi functionality.

Contact GEIS for more information about Mundi.