GEIS’ development staff are a focused team of professionals dedicated to ensuring application development retains its functional richness and technical excellence. How is this achieved? All developers are trained with GEIS' design model - an object orientated, generic, self-manageable model.


The client services team is dedicated to providing front-line support through a telephone help-desk as well as delivering implementation and training services.

The GEIS development services include:

  • GE Smallworld application development
  • GeoSpatial Server (GSS)  application development and integration
  • Web Development including Network Viewer (NV) application development and deployment.
  • Application and data model upgrades
  • Data translations
  • Internet services development
  • Initial start up for new sites. It is possible (with judicious use of starter kits and products) to have a base system operational in a matter of weeks not months
  • Emergency response – repair GE installations quickly