Pathfinder is a PNI based product that finds fibre paths between two structures in a fibre network.

Pathfinder identifies where fibre splicing is required to complete a path through the network and can auto

matically perform the necessary splices and output a splice report detailing the network changes.

Key Pathfinder features include:

  •          Identifies and displays multiple different fibre paths between two structures
  •          Displays business information (such as fibre owner, leases, current usage type) about the paths to allow the user to make informed splicing decisions
  •          Generates a splice report indicating all network changes necessary to connect the fibre path
  •          Automatically make all splices to create a complete end to end fibre path
  •          Supports both cable connectivity and graphical splice diagrams
  •          Automatically orthogonalises new connections in splice diagrams to ensure tidy splice diagrams.

 The features are shown below: